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A bit creative approach to a summer assignment for school: A brand new song. Follow the lyrics below. The New Beginnings© Amayzlin Music 20151st Verse:At the sandy narrow road,Road that barely fits a rabbit,Meet the winter and the summerOne hates heat, the other - cold"I'm the first to take this route" -Very proudly said the winter,"Out of my way! I won't be hindered" -Cried the summer with a frownChorus:Our Sun is shiningOur planet's spinningEach year our seasonsSee the new beginnings2nd Verse:So, the seasons have decidedTo conduct an exhibitionEach will make a list consistingOf the things kids find excitingAnd whosever list is greaterSaddles first the narrow roadArmed with lists the seasons spokeOnce agreed the rules are fairChorus:"Kids go skating in the winterBuild a snowman, hit the slopesChristmas spirit, brand new hopesResolutions for New Year""Summer's all about vacationClear blue pools and sunny beaches,Students part with their teachersTo embark on new adventures"Bridge:Our seasons, realizingThat they both bring people pleasure,Held their hands and then togetherMarched their way into horizonChorus:Our Sun is shiningOur planet's spinningEach year our seasonsSee the new beginningsIlona Mayzlin

Posted by Alex Mayzlin on Sunday, August 30, 2015
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Amayzlin shoots his new Music Video Music Video Shoot for Amayzlin's new Single "The Earth Won't Dare Spin". Click the song title to listen.
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