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Vocal Recording for kids and adults

Are you a parent of a talented child and looking to professionally record them? Here, at Amayzlin Music recording studio we specialize in working with kids. Although recording is hard work, we work hard to make sure the children achieve the best possible performance while having fun in the process. Are you a singer and have a contest to enter or an audition to submit a demo for? If you need to showcase that beautiful voice of yours then get ready to blow away those judges and casting directors. At Amayzlin Music recording studio we will work with you to produce top quality vocal recording enabling you to effectively compete for a place in the spotlight.

Demo Recording for aspiring and professional artists

It is a known fact, but still probably worth mentioning, that a demo is a crucial component of an artist’s toolset. Whether you’re a singer, musician, songwriter, actor or a voiceover professional, you must invest time and money into recording a demo of your work. At Amayzlin Music recording studio we produce quality demos quickly and efficiently. That includes anything or everything between a song idea and a fully arranged production. We will work with you to understand your needs and devise the most sensible solution to achieve the best results at an affordable rate.


Have you ever thought about writing an original song for your loved one or a friend but never followed through because you’re not a songwriter? Well, we can assist you in writing a brand new song. Tell us about your idea, and we will go to work to write, arrange and produce an original song just for you. We can even record the vocals for you if you’re not up for singing yourself.

Acoustic accompaniment at live venues

If you require an acoustic accompaniment at a live venue, Amayzlin Music is happy to accommodate. We will provide professional musicians to stick by you for the duration of your project.

Private Music Instruction

Who wouldn't want to take advantage of a rehearsal space that is equipped with everything needed for a productive private music session? At Amayzlin Music recording studio such space is available for you. We work with a number of professional music instructors who are eager to take your talented children on a journey of music discovery.

Demo Services
Select Your Package Please choose your desired package below and click the "Buy Now" button to be redirected to the Paypal Payment Area. (All major credit cards accepted. No Paypal membership required). Once the payment has been processed, please email us your files and instructions pertinent to your project.

Vocal over Pre-existing Track: $150 Includes: Lead/Harmony Vocals. Mixed and Mastered.

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Guitar/Vocal or Piano/Vocal Demo: $200 Includes: Piano or Acoustic Guitar, Lead and Harmony Vocals. Mixed and Mastered.
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Full Demo: $500 Includes: Drums, Bass, Electric/Acoustic Guitar(s), Piano/Organ/Strings, Lead/Harmony Vocals. Mixed and Mastered.

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Full Demo Deluxe: $600 Includes: Same as above plus any two instruments. Mixed and Mastered.

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Other Services Includes: Editing/Pitch Shift/Speed Change (Please select from the drop-down below).

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